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Cross Country Ski Conditions

Conditions Update Log: (newest info is on top)

3/16/2018: Local skiers have reported that there is 3-6" of snow on the trails and they are skiing. There will probably be man made tracks and branches down. We will not be grooming. Happy St. Patricks Day!

2/12/2018: The light rain and warm temps are thinning the track so conditions will be marginal but skiable today. (rock skis) Our motto: ski early and ski when ever you can because you never know....?

2/9/2018: The tracks and conditions have been exceptional the last two days so we are looking forward to tomorrow and hoping we get snow and not rain. Special thanks to everyone who has used our "honor box" during the weekdays this year. It is especially helpful when you fill out the envelopes. This helps us with statistics and demographics for our annual report. We really appreciate your support. Any day we are able to ski is a great day! Hope to see you this weekend!

2/8/2018: This is it folks! Finally, near perfect conditions, 9" and an expertly set track over all trails. John is setting track today. Friday would be a good day to play hooky or take a mental health day and the weekend is shaping up to be the best of the year so far. Doesn't get much better than this! Don't miss it!

2/7/2018: It's currently snowing (2-3 more inches overnight) and continues to snow so the new fresh snow on top of the packed snow will make for some nice skiing today. John plans to get an early start setting track tomorrow (Thursday) which will set us up for some great skiing the rest of the week into the weekend! Go classic!

2/6/2018: We have received about 6" of light fluffy snow. John is at Oil Creek today packing in hopes that the forcast of more snow over the next few days proves true. Keep your fingers crossed!

1/30/2018: We received about 3" of snow last night and today so far. There is not enough snow to groom as of yet so keep the snow dance going. Dance, Dance, Dance!

1/22/2018: Here we go again. The rain and warm temps are wiping out our snow. Old man winter is a big tease! We will let you know when are back up and skiing again.

1/20/2018: Tracks held up pretty well as the day warmed. It was good in shaded areas and thinning a bit in sunny areas but easy to ski around. Temps will hover around freezing tonight. The rain is not expected until late in the day so it looks like we will get another nice day in. Again, probably best to come early.

1/19/2018: Tracks are set over most of the trails and holding up nicely. There are some oak and beech leaves blown down in some areas. We recommend coming earlier rather than later as the day is supposed to warm up. No-wax skis may be a good option. Saturday should be a great day at OC!

1/18/2018: Best classical skiing of the year on Oil Creek's groomed trails. Tracks are nicely set almost everywhere. The few wet spots are easy to ski around. Going to be a beautiful sun sparkling day today. Enjoy!

1/17/2018: The 4" of new snow is a blessing! Tracks were set today almost everywhere except hemlock ridge and a few pesky wet spots. Conditions are better than good. The best so far this season. Don't miss the next few days!!

1/16/2018: With the 3" of snow we received overnight, John will be out on the trail grooming later today. He will set track where possible and pack over icy areas. Skiing should be good throughout the rest of the week. Look for updates.

1/15/2018: I HAVE A ski at Oil Creek in peace, beauty, and freedom. Where everyone you meet is a friend and joy is in the air all around. There is no experience like it. Don't miss it on Martin Luther King Day. Skiing was better yesterday. Some trails are very nice, some are tracked, but some areas are icy though you can ski around them and there are man made tracks elsewhere. Advising caution on steep downhills.

1/14/2018: All trails are packed and track set in limited areas. As John was grooming the trail system he came across several wet areas due to the 2+ inches of rain the past 2 days. Conditions are generally fair although some areas are poor due to the water. As the water recedes and night time temps drop below zero these areas should improve over night. The green trail is the best right now.

1/13/2018 PM: There is 6+' of nice dense powder at Oil Creek. John Is able to set track! YAY! It is looking good for Martin Luther King weekend. Come and enjoy meticulously groomed classical trails! ***THE PARKING LOT WILL BE PLOWED later today***

1/13/2018: We got 6-7" of good heavy snow. John has to plow us out first then he will head to Oil Creek to groom and hopefully set track. We will update conditions later once he gets there and sees how it goes. BE AWARE THE PARKING WILL NOT BE PLOWED UNTIL TOMORROW.

1/6/2018: The skiing was nice today. Well groomed and packed trails with 6" base. Good coverage. Light snow on top and skied in tracks. Don't mind the cold when moving and forest blocking the wind.. Very beautiful!! Quiet and pristine, snow on the hemlocks. Well worth it! Don't miss this opportunity. Warming a bit tomorrow. Hope to see you!

1/5/2018: There is 6" of snow on the trails. The snow is too light and fluffy for a consistent track so John is now grooming and packing the trails for a nice base. Be sure to dress appropriately for the cold. We will have hand warmers available this weekend. Hope to see you!

1/4/2018: We've had a bit more snow accumulation up to around 5". John is heading to the park in the morning to checkout grooming. Stay tuned for an accurate ski report around mid morning.

1/1/2018: Happy New Year! There is 4" of snow at Oil Creek which is not enough to groom. However, people have been skiing and there are man made tracks. We suggest "rock" skis if going out. Unfortunately the big snows keep missing us. We will let you know when there is enough to groom.

12/27/2017: Sorry to say we did not benefit from Erie's big snow. It didn't reach us. We only received about 2" but it is currently snowing so we will let you know when we get enough on the Oil Creek trails for XC skiing!

12/17/2017: We certainly enjoyed early skiing yesterday. It snowed most of the day adding another inch or two. Tracks are well skied in. Should be another good day today. Come get it while you can!

12/16/2017: The ski area has had some snow on frozen ground. There has not been enough snow to pack or groom yet. As conditions change updated reports will be posted here.

December 2017: Trail work has been conducted on all sections of the trail system. The new trail signs have been posted. All we need now is show.