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Cross Country Ski Conditions

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Snow shoes are not permitted on the groomed ski trails. If you must go on the shared section, please stay well to the side of the tracks. Thanks

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It was a good season over all.

2/23/2021: Those of us who braved the drizzle yesterday found nice conditions at Oil Creek. Firm tracks with snow on top and control on downhills. Expect similar conditions today after a bit more snow this morning. We never know when this may be the last day so don't miss it!

2/22/2021: We received 3 inches of new snow and it's still snowing. The new snow over firm tracks will be nice and also make the downhills much more enjoyable. Come ski while you can!

2/19/2021: John did a super job grooming and setting track today. The skiing was great! There is a solid base and the tracks are firm. We still advise caution on steep downhills but encourage you not to miss this weekend on the trails at beautiful Oil Creek.

2/19/2021: John is grooming today and is able to set a track in most places. The hills are still a little icy so either avoid them or use caution. Looks like we are good for another weekend!

2/18/2021: The report from local skiers is that the trails and tracks are hard and fast but there is a bit of light snow on top making skiing OK on the upper blue/white trails. The down hills are icy so we STRONGLY recommend staying off all hills. It is currently snowing and we are waiting to see what accumulates today and whether there will be enough snow to do any grooming tomorrow.

2/16/2021: Unfortunately last night we received a mix of rain, snow, and ice which has made the trails very icy. At this time the trails are un-skiable and un-groomable. There is snow in the forecast for later in the week(we hope) and will let you know when conditions improve. THINK SNOW!

2/15/2021: Celebrate president's Day with a ski at Oil Creek! Currently there is a light dusting of new snow and flurries. The forecast is calling for some snow this morning then slacking off in the afternoon and more snow overnight. The tracks are holding up nicely. Conditions should be very good with the addition of the new snow. Happy Trails!

2/14/2021: The conditions have been excellent the last couple of days but we got a light coating of icy pellets last night making the sidewalks slippery. We won't know what the trails and tracks are like until we get there this morning. i'll try to post on Sun Valley Nordic Facebook page as soon as I can.

2/10/2021: John is at the park grooming today and reports the conditions are good. The base is solid and there is some nice snow on top of it. He is smoothing out the downhills and setting track in most places except where thin under hemlocks. This should set us up for the next few days. The sun is shining and is setting later so at least get out after work if you can. Enjoy!

2/7/2021: The skiing was pretty nice yesterday. The skier made tracks are holding up in most places. The base is solid. We didn't get snow overnight but we might get a dusting this morning. We recommend staying up top on the blue and white trails. Highly recommend staying off the fast hills on the red trail. The ATV is fixed but waiting for some snow to groom.

2/6/2021: The trails and tracks are hard packed and icy due to the cold temps. Unfortunately we didn't get any new snow overnight. Ski with caution! It's old fashioned klister or no-wax ski conditions.

2/5/2021: We got about 1/2 - 1 inch of heavy wet snow overnight. It will be soft in the morning but as it gets colder it may get a bit icy. ATV still in the shop. Use caution or avoid steep down hills.

2/2/2021: The GOOD news is Phil saw his shadow and there is 3+ inches of new snow on the trails making for improved conditions. The BAD news is John went to the park to groom this morning and the ATV broke down and is currently in the shop. We are on standby until we find out what the problem is and get it fixed.

2/1/2021: The base is solid and there is good coverage. We got a couple inches of new snow overnight and it's still snowing so that should improve conditions. John will wait to see what the total accumulation of snow is before making a decision about grooming. Stay tuned.

1/28/2021: There is about 6" of new snow at Oil Creek so John is currently grooming and setting track. Looks like we may have one of the best weekends we've had in years! Don't miss it! If you are planning on skiing at Oil Creek today John suggests waiting until the afternoon to give the tracks a chance to set up since the snow is light and fluffy. See you all soon we hope!

1/27/2021: Well the sleet and rain yesterday with a drop in temperature makes for a hard packed and icy base. We barely got a dusting of snow so the conditions are poor for XC skiing until we get more snow. Local weather isn't calling for snow until Sunday but let's hope that changes. We'll let you know if conditions improve.🎿❄🌨

1/22/2021: The base John packed on Wednesday held up pretty well to the warm temps on Thursday. We had flurries all day today that accumulated about an inch or so. The conditions were nice up on the blue and white connector trails. It may be a bit thin under the hemlocks but as of Wednesday there were no wet spots. Hoping for more snow through the night for decent conditions this weekend.

1/20/2021: John is currently at Oil Creek and reports that there is about 5" of snow. He is packing the trails in hopes that the temperatures stay cold and the flurries continue. He is not able to set any track yet. The forecast is showing some snow for Friday. Keep your fingers crossed and do the snow dance! We'll keep you posted.

12/26/2020 PM: All trails are packed. No track set. There are a few wet spots which should freeze up overnight. The light snow on top should make for nice skiing and the scenery is beautiful with the snow on the trees. Sunday will be a good day to enjoy the ski trails at Oil Creek.

12/26/2020: Merry White Christmas! The rain we had wiped out our snow so we are starting over with the 5" of new fluffy snow we just got from Santa. Cold temperatures help but it's still pretty wet underneath. John is at the Park preservation packing the trails but there is not enough snow to set track yet. Hopefully we will get more as the flurries are still coming down.

12/25/2020: Yesterday provided heavy rain and warm temperatures. Great only if you like to watch snow melt. Colder temperatures after the rain brought some snow. Sunday and Monday highs will be above freezing.

12/17/20: John was out grooming all day and reports all trails are packed. There are no wet spots but the snow is a little thin under the hemlocks. Tacks are set on the green, blue, and white trails up top. Part of the red is tracked but because of warmer temps near the end of the day he was unable to finish the tracks on red. Looks good for the next couple days. If we aren't there, please use the honor box to deposit your trail fee. We appreciate it if you fill out the envelope so we know who's been there and for our demographics for our end of season report. Thanks!

12/17/2020: We received 10.5 inches of snow here in Venus and are hoping there is that much at the Park. John had to plow us out this morning but is headed to Oil Creek to groom the ski trails today. The Honor box will be up for trail fees which remain at $5.00 for day pass and $40 for season pass. Looks like Opening Day will be Saturday and we hope to see all our ski friends then. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!